Hand-drawn sketching system for wireframes in Figma—Pro license

Koos Looijesteijn
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Upgrade your design process by integrating hand sketches in your digital designs!

The favorite design tool of many experienced designers? A marker! Despite all progress digital tools made, a marker and a piece of paper are still the fastest way to visualize creative ideas. Every good project has this phase where you get feedback based on quickly put hand-drawn stuff.

But that also has this awkward phase, where you've sketched all the main things, but you need a lot of variants, for overlays, different states and everything. Sometimes scissors are the solution, but without digital tools, you can't avoid drawing some things over and over again. Tedious and time-consuming.

But no longer!

With this kit, you can enhance your hand-drawn sketches in Figma.

You can use your own handwriting (or something that looks like it) by changing the type styles. All component lines have variable widths for that wobbly marker look. You can adjust the stroke width to that of your markers and pens.

So get your favorite marker out of your drawer again and save countless hours with the pro version of the hand-drawn wireframe kit for Figma.

Here's a free demo!

If you want to use this product in a non-profit, contact me.

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    54.2 MB
  • Components and variants
  • Icons
  • Hand-made
  • Size54.2 MB
  • Components and variants~400
  • Icons170
  • Hand-madeEverything!
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Hand-drawn sketching system for wireframes in Figma—Pro license

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